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Upcoming Events

Embarcadero hosts and sponsors events to support education and training opportunities for application developers everywhere.

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Aug 12

Location: Online Webinar

Time:best365体育投注app 11:00 am CDT

Using Git Source Code Control with Delphi and RAD Studio

Presenter(s): Ian Barker, Embarcadero Delphi MVP

Join Ian Barker for this webinar which takes us through what Git *really* is, how to use it, how to configure Delphi and Rad Studio to make Git work, free third-party tools which make Git a lot more human-friendly and indispensable for many reasons even if you aren’t part of a team. There’s also an extensive blog post to go with this webinar.

Ian Barker   Webinar   Git 400x200

Aug 13

Location: Online - 12:00 МСК

Time: 4:00 am CDT

Using Source Control Systems in RAD Studio Projects 10.4 (Russian)

Presenter(s): Andrey Sovtsov

Almost all software development projects these days use source control systems. This allows not only to conduct simultaneous flexible development by a large team, but also ensures safety and effective use accumulated intellectual resource. The Embarcadero RAD Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) contains tools for built-in work with several of the most common control systems source codes when developing projects created in Delphi and C ++ Builder. The webinar will tell you which VCS are supported in the IDE RAD Studio 10.4 and how to use them for use in development.

Em Cg Ru Webinar Sourcecode Management 400x255

Aug 13

Location: Webinar 16:00 Uhr

Time: 9:00 am CDT

TMS WEB Core für Delphi-Entwickler

Presenter(s): Dr. Holger Flick, Matthias Eißing

TMS WEB Core ist für viele Delphi-Entwickler zu einem beliebten Entwicklungstool für Webanwendungen geworden. TMS Software hat in den letzten zwei Jahren regelmäßige Updates bereitgestellt, wodurch die Anzahl der Steuerelemente und Technologien zur Erstellung beeindruckender Webanwendungen ständig zunahm. Dieses Webinar konzentriert sich auf die kommende Version 1.5 Rimini, in der zwei Werkzeuge vorgestellt werden, die die visuelle Anwendungsentwicklung erheblich verbessern.
Em Cg Dach Tms Webcore Webinar Flags 400x255

Aug 19

Location:best365体育投注app Online Webinar

Time:best365体育投注app 11:00 am CDT

How to Give your Apps the REALLY COOL Windows 10 Fluent UI Look and Feel with Delphi

Presenter(s): Ian Barker, Embarcadero Delphi MVP

best365体育投注appHave you ever wanted to make your apps have that really cool modern Fluent UI Windows 10 look? Join Delphi MVP Ian Barker as he shows how to get this look and feel using themes and some *very* cost-effective third-party controls. Get that truly modern wow factor kickstarted for minimal effort - Ian will show you how.

Ian Barker   Webinar   Fluentui 400x200

Aug 26

Location:best365体育投注app Online Webinar

Time:best365体育投注app 11:00 am CDT

Creating Fully Interactive Web Applications using Rad Studio, Delphi and TMS Web Core

Presenter(s): Ian Barker and Dr. Holger Flick, Embarcadero Delphi MVPs

best365体育投注appTMS WEB Core has become a favorite web development tool for many Delphi developers. TMS Software has been providing regular updates over the last two years that kept increasing the number of controls and technologies to create stunning web applications. This webinar will focus on the upcoming release 1.5 Rimini, which will introduce two design-time tools to improve the visual development experience significantly. Interaction with web designers that do not need to be involved in the programming of the application will become much easier.